Corporate Social Responsibility


New Primary School (Majeke Primary School) Building Project

Located in Mutenure Village, Tigere Kraal, Makoni District in Rusape
Project was started in September 2020 after SBS Group took up the initiative to start the project after 5 years of trying to raise the much needed funding.The Seventh Day Adventist Church and the Tigere brothers have been assisting in the project.

The purpose of building this school was that:

Primary school pupils within the area were walking over 7km to go to surrounding schools and hence the need to create a school closer to them. And also as a way of giving back to the community SBS Group CEO and his brother felt the need to transform their community which they are from:

A total of 9 classrooms within 2 blocks are being built. And the 3rd block will accommodate the Headmasters office, staff room and computer lab.

Seventh Day Adventist Church has assisted in Drilling a borehole for the building project and a community at large. Apparently the second borehole is being drilled.

The project has in the process created employment to the members of the community. Some building resources are being sourced like 3/4 stones, digging of foundations,riversand and pitsand from the locals.

Apparently we have paid over $3600 USD in those building resources supplied by the locals
The school is expected to be officially open in 2022 for learning.

Cyclone Idai Donations

SBS Group also donated via Redcross towards Cyclone Idai which affected a number of families. Blankets and food items were donated. Below are the pictures
SBS donated essential goods through Zimbabwe Red Cross Society as part of its efforts to bring relief to victims of Cyclone Idai.

Financial assistance to tertiary students

SBS Group is financially assisting a few underprivileged students at UZ to complete their tertiary studies. This is also on currently on- going.