Consulting Services

We take pride in our ability to offer consultancy services in all customs clearing matters. Our team is equipped, knowledgeable and geared to give you expert advice on all the customs aspects of ZIMRA which include the following:

Customs Rebates which include:

  • Rebate of duty on immigrant’s rebates.
  • Suspension of duty on motor vehicles and other goods imported for use by physically handicapped persons.
  • Rebate of duty on goods donated to associations and organizations in Zimbabwe involved in charitable or welfare work.
  • Bonded warehouse registration, maintenance and control.
  • Rebate of duty on goods imported by a foreign organization under an aid or technical corporation agreement.
  • Rebate of duty on goods imported for mineral exploration or for use by a specified mine
  • Permit Applications
  • Fuel Exports and Fuel R.I.Ts