Transport And Logistics

Services offered include:
  • Monitoring movement of trucks as they are discharged from ports
  • Ensuring that the prerequisite pre-clearances are lodged with ZIMRA before arrival of trucks at the border posts.
  • Obtaining the necessary ZIMRA releases to truck drivers timorously thereby avoiding demurrage costs and improving truck turnaround time.
  • Liaising with clearing agents on the South African, Mozambican, Zambian and Botswana sides of the border to ensure smooth movement of trucks while in transit. Due to increased volumes of transit shipments from Mozambique going up north to Zambia and DRC, we as SBS have entered into working partnerships with our counterparts from Mozambique, Zambia and DRC to increase efficiency by reducing the waiting period at all various ports.

SBS offers logistical support to transporters on the major entry and exit points.