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About Us

Established in 1990 as a Customs Clearance company. Duly registered and headquartered in Harare, Zimbabwe, SBS business is to provide a full supply chain service for the handling of imports and exports of goods through sea, air ,rail and road in Zimbabwe and the region. The company’s structure is designed to provide our customers with a 24/7 service to satisfy their needs at an optimum cost.

With over twenty years of experience in the field, our team’s expertise with each mode of transport (e.g. sea, road,rail and air), complimented with determination and commitment sets SBS above the rest. With an impressive client portfolio ranging from private, public and the non-governmental sector, Southern Business Services is rated one of the best Customs Clearance agents in the region.Southern Business Services is represented at all main ports of entry bordering Zimbabwe, namely Botswana, Zambia, South Africa, and Mozambique. Evidently, SBS is the fastest growing clearing agent in the region.

What We do

At Southern Business Services we handle all your customs clearance issues and, more. Feel free to inquire where necessary.

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Transport And Logistics

SBS offers logistical support to transporters on the major entry and exit points. Services offered include:

  1. Monitoring movement of trucks as they are discharged from ports
  2. Ensuring that the prerequisite pre-clearances are lodged with ZIMRA before arrival of trucks at the border posts.
  3. Liaising with clearing agents on the South African, Mozambican, Zambian and Botswana sides of the border to ensure smooth movement of trucks while in transit. Due to increased volumes of transit shipments from Mozambique going up north to Zambia and DRC, we as SBS have entered into working partnerships with our counterparts from Mozambique, Zambia and DRC to increase efficiency by reducing the waiting period at all various ports.
  4. Obtaining the necessary ZIMRA releases to truck drivers timorously thereby avoiding demurrage costs and improving truck turnaround time.


We take pride in our ability to offer consultancy services in all customs clearing matters. Our team is equipped, knowledgeable and geared to give you expert advice on all the customs aspects of ZIMRA which include the following:

  1. Bonded warehouse registration, maintenance and control.
  2. Customs Rebates which include
    • Rebate of duty on immigrant’s rebates.
    • Suspension of duty on motor vehicles and other goods imported for use by physically handicapped persons.
    • Rebate of duty on goods donated to associations and organizations in Zimbabwe involved in charitable or welfare work.
    • Rebate of duty on goods imported by a foreign organization under an aid or technical corporation agreement.
    • Rebate of duty on goods imported for mineral exploration or for use by a specified mine.

    Just to mention a few.

  3. Permit Applications
  4. Fuel Exports and Fuel R.I.Ts

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Bonded Warehousing

This is one of our major areas of expertise and we assist in the establishment, control and management in line with ZIMRA set rules and standards.
We provide solutions to questions frequently asked by current and potential bonded warehouse operators.
These questions include;

  1. How do we register a bonded warehouse with ZIMRA?
  2. What is the purpose of a bonded warehouse?
  3. What benefits do we drive from having a bonded warehouse?
  4. What products can be stored in a bonded warehouse?
  5. How long can we keep imported goods in a warehouse before duty becomes due?
  6. Can we export goods from a bonded warehouse?


Customs Clearing

Our operations department is staffed with trained quality personnel equipped to deal with all your clearing issues. We boast of 23 years of experience and areas covered include:

  1. Removal In Bond (R.I.B) Clearances (IM7)
  2. Ware housing entries  (IM7)
  3. Consumption entries (IM4)
  4. Export entries
  5. Removal In Transit (IM8)
  6. Excise Entries (IM8)

Our target clientele include:

  1. Non-governmental Organizations
  2. Welfare and charity Organizations
  3. Mining Organizations
  4. Regional Transporters
  5. Churches
  6. Other various importers e.g. returning residents, new immigrants 
  7. Exporters

Some Of Our Clients

Getting Started

Call us right now on +263 4 250730-3, 799008.

Who We Provide Services To

Here are some of the types of organisations we provide services to. Please note, we are not limited to just these sectors.

Non-governmental Organizations

We help facilitate clearance for NGO's of all sizes, whatever their needs.

Welfare and charity Organizations

We can assist charitable organisations as well.

Mining Companies

Yes, we can get heavy machinery cleared among other things.

Regional Transporters

Feel free to consult us on how we may be able to help you.


We cater for religious organisation of all types.

Other various importers e.g. returning residents and new immigrants

We can also assist individuals with their importation issues.

Our Leadership

Here are the executives that head our organisation.

David Tigere

Managing Director

He is the mastermind and founder of Southern Business Services and has achieved the following:

  • Holds a diploma in Import  Management with IMM of South Africa
  • A diploma from the Institute of Administration and commerce (IAC) RSA
  • Diploma in Transport & Logistics with CIT of UK
  • Undertaking a Business Degree with Accounting as a major

Prior to the formation of SBS, he worked for PTC as an accountant for more than 5 years.   David Tigere has gained significant experience in the customs clearing industry and has demonstrated a high level of skill in transport & logistics.

Jerita Tigere

Executive Director

She is the co-founder of Southern Business Services.  Mrs. Tigere has vast experience in the Customs Industry which spans over 24 years. Jerita Tigere joined Customs and Excise in 1985 and worked for 3 years before joining various freight companies.  She then co-founded SBS alongside David Tigere in 1990.
Jerita Tigere received training in the customs clearing field with the then Department of Customs and Excise. She is a holder of the following qualifications

  • Diploma in Business Studies from Harare Polytechnic
  • Diploma in Export Management with the Institute of Export South Africa
  • Honours Degree in Business Management: University of St Mark &St John (UK)

Kolina Nhenderere

General Manager

Kolina has vast experience in the Customs Industry which spans over 16 years. She holds an advanced Diploma in Shipping from the Association of Business Managers and Administrators (UK), a diploma in Customs, Legislation and Procedures from Speciss College. She has an Executive Diploma in General Management and a Diploma in Theology.